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Public safety continues to be our priority. We’re doing all we can to keep you safe at our venue. Please remember we do not permit backpacks or large bags and you will be screened upon arrival. Read more about our safety policy here. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a ticket?

Accessible Tickets

What shouldn't I bring to the event?

Do you do meet and greets / backstage passes / special announcements?

When is the best time to arrive at the first direct arena if I want to avoid standing in queues to get in and need extra time to get to my seat?

Who do I contact for lost property?

Are there any age restrictions for shows at the first direct arena?

Can I bring a camera into the Arena?

How do I find out event times?

Can you tell me when I am able to pick up tickets from the Ticket Office and does ti have to be on the day of the event?

What should I bring with me?

Where can I park?

How do I get to the first direct arena?

How can I collect my tickets if I am delayed?

Does the first direct arena cater for special needs?

I have bought tickets for the standing floor but I have since broken my leg.  Can i still come to the concert?

Will I be charged a booking fee?

Why can I not take my own food into first direct arena?

What should I do if I have a problem on the night?

How does the block and seat numbering work?

Why can't I leave first direct arena and come back in as I can at my local pub?

What can I buy when I'm at first direct arena

Will there be any pyros-lasers-strobes at the event I'm attending?

Where can I get a taxi?

I'm bringing a school party and need to do a risk assessment.  Can we do this?

How big is the arena?

What is the seating layout?

Where are the bars and toilets?

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Can I upgrade my tickets or do you have special packages available?

Are there smoking areas at the first direct arena?

Do you have a cloakroom?

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Do you want to leave feedback?

I've purchased tickets for an event I can no longer attend

What are you doing to reduce plastic waste?

How do I redeem my LNER discount code?

Steps pre-sale information 

How do I book a ticket?

You can book tickets online through by simply clicking on the 'Book Now' button on the event you wish to attend from our Event Calendar.

You can buy tickets for accessible areas of the venue online for all events (subject to availablilty).  From the booking page just select the applicable Ticket Type from the menu.

For groups of 8 people or more please email [email protected],uk.

Additional Information

If you have a specific question which has not been covered in the information above please email - [email protected]

Online via

Accessible Tickets

Can I book tickets for accessible areas online?
Yes, there is an option to buy tickets for wheelchair users, visual impairments, hearing impairments or ambulant disabled visitors (visitors with any other disability that would make them unable to use standard arena standing or seating positions).

Will I be asked to provide evidence to prove that I am entitled to bring an essential companion with me?
Yes, because essential companion tickets are issued free of charge measures are in place to prevent the system from being abused. After your purchase you will be contacted by our ticketing partners Ticketmaster who will ask you to submit your proof of eligibility.
More information on the process and documentation can be found here Your order may be cancelled if no supporting document is provided.

Will I need to provide evidence every time I book?
No, you will only be contacted if the evidence that you have previously supplied has expired or is no longer valid.

What Shouldn't I Bring To The Event?


No backpacks, holdalls, suitcases will be admitted into the venue. The patron will be refused entry if they attempt to enter the venue with the prohibited item.

Patrons with accessible and medical requirements/equipment will be considered on an individual basis but encouraged to contact the venue in advance for ease of entry.

There will be no temporary storage facilities for such items within the venue and it will be left to the patron to find a safe temporary facility to hold the item. The venue will not be responsible for late admission or non-admission as a result of this policy.  There is no cloakroom. 

All remaining bags will be searched.

Prohibited Items

  • Backpacks, holdalls, luggage, oversized bags and cushions*
  • Glass, cans, aluminium bottles or thermoses of any kind including any liquid products which can be consumed*
  • Flammable liquids in any container
  • Laser pens/pointers
  • Video cameras and professional cameras
  • Laptop computers, Ipads and Go Pro’s
  • Large/golf umbrellas
  • Knives or weapons of any kind
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Signs, banners or flags on poles, staffs or selfie sticks
  • Animals (except service animals to aid persons with disabilities)
  • Air horns, whistles, cowbells or other noise-making distractions
  • Projectiles (Frisbees, beach balls, footballs etc)
  • Aerosol cans (hairspray, mace pepper spray etc)
  • Fireworks, confetti or glitter bombs or sprays
  • Balloons
  • Use of wheeled footwear, skateboards
  • Food
  • Masks and helmets
  • Large studs and chains
  • Anything else which we deem to ruin the enjoyment or viewing experience of others

Do you do meet and greets / backstage passes / special announcements?

Unfortunately backstage passes are not available to buy, however selected events may offer VIP tickets to be purchased via Ticketmaster which can include exclusive meet and greets opportunities.

All special requests including birthday announcements, 'shout outs' and autographs are dealt with on an individual basis via the artists promoter. Any requests can be forwarded in writing to the first direct arena and these will be passed on to the relevant persons in good faith, however we have no influence in any decision.

When is the best time to arrive at first direct arena if I want to avoid standing in any queues to get in and need extra time to get to my seat?

Please arrive as close to the advertised door time as possible and you should encounter fewer people in any queue and then have more than enough time to get to your seat.

Who do I contact for lost property?

Please call 01133 863 623.

Are there any age restrictions for shows at first direct arena?

There are no age restrictions to any shows, unless requested by the visiting artist, however we request that no children under 14 come unaccompanied and we also advise that no under 14s go on the floor for standing floor shows. Generally children shows allow babes in arms up to 23 months however some shows specifically targeted at younger audiences require a ticket for anyone attending the performance. Please check the relevant show's event page for event specific details.

Can I bring a camera into the Arena?

The official policy of the Arena and the touring shows, forming part of the conditions of sale when you purchase a ticket, is that the unauthorised use of cameras, video and any other form of recording equipment (including Laptop computers, iPads, Go Pro’s or tablets with filming and recording capabilities) is strictly prohibited. However, some of the shows do permit the use of small digital cameras including, in many cases, 'bridge' cameras (larger digital cameras with zoom lenses that cannot be removed). For the avoidance of any confusion 'professional' cameras with removable and interchangeable lenses are always prohibited. Unfortunately, the camera policy for a specific show is typically only confirmed on the day of the event. We would advise that if you choose to bring a small digital camera to the Arena you must be prepared not to use it if requested not to do so.

How do I find out event times?

Please refer to your ticket for door opening and start of show times. Please note due to the nature of live entertainment all times including end of show times are approximate and subject to change and we cannot confirm what time the main artists will arrive on stage in advance. Please arrive in plenty of time to avoid disappointment and to get through security and ticket checks. Please also be aware all concert goers are responsible for making sure they leave the venue in time to catch their last coach, bus or train home.

Can you tell me when I am able to pick up my tickets from the Ticket office and does it have to be on the day of the event?

Ticketmaster customers can collect their tickets in advance of the show (unless souvenir tickets are in use in which case they will be available approx 30 days prior to the event). Customers of other ticket agents can only collect on the evening of the show.  NB duplicate tickets can only be collected on the day of the show.

What should I bring with me?

Patrons are advised to bring the least amount of belongings possible. Small bags are permitted but may be subject to searches and, at some events, may be removed from standing floor ticket-holders for collection afterwards. The unauthorised use of cameras, video or any other form of recording equipment (including Laptop computers, iPads, Go Pro’s or tablets with filming and recording capabilities) is strictly prohibited. 35mm cameras are permitted at most events but professional cameras with a detachable zoom lens are not, therefore please leave at home.

At certain events, the promoter may request a ban on all photography and signs to this effect will be displayed at all entrances. No food or drink is to be brought into the venue. Banners are also prohibited. Large golfing style umbrellas should not be brought to the venue as they will not be permitted on safety grounds, however small (handbag / briefcase style) umbrellas will be permitted.

Where can I park?

  • Woodhouse Lane (24 hrs) – Official Arena Car Park
  • Merrion Centre - Merrion Way (24 hrs) – Official Arena Car Park
  • The Light - St Anne's Street (24 hrs)
  • West Riding House (24 hrs)
  • Schofields - Albion Street (closes at 24.00)
  • Rose Bowl - Portland Crescent (closes at 23.00 hours)
  • St Johns Centre - Merrion Street (24 hrs)
  • Westgate - Castle Street (24 hrs)
  • Leeds Station - Long Stay MSCP (24 hrs)
  • Former International Pool - Westgate (24 hrs)
  • Leeds Station Riverside - Aire Street (24 hrs)
  • Swinegate Car Park (24 hrs)
  • Boar Lane - The Bourse South Side (24 hrs)
  • The Dark Arches - Dark Neville Street (closes 19.00 hrs)
  • Templar Street & Edward Street Car Park (24 hrs)
  • Wellington Place (24 hrs)
  • Sovereign Street (closes at 20.00)

How do I get to first direct arena?

first direct arena is located next to the A58(M) Inner Ring Road and from the Claypit Lane junction (A58) provides links out of the city centre to the east joining the A64 York Road, and to the south and west connecting to the M621 and other destinations within Leeds and to the wider motorway network via the M62 and the M1.

Leeds City Station on New Station Street is around a 15min walk from first direct arena and a major hub on the national, regional and local rail network providing connections to a wide variety of destinations. It is also very accessible via public transport.

Please refer to our Travel Information page for more specific travel plan information.

How can I collect my tickets if I am delayed?

Our Ticket Office will close just after the main act takes to the stage - after this time tickets can still be collected from our Information Desk.

Does the first direct arena cater for special needs?

first direct arena prides itself on being accessible to everyone. Designated seating within first direct arena caters for wheelchair users and their personal assistants / companions or those with walking difficulties. Lifts and escalators assist with getting to your seating level. Hearing loop system installed throughout the Arena Bowl with receivers available from the Information Deck. Wheelchairs are available at the venue if assistance is required. We also offer lowered counters and disabled toilet facilities.

I have bought tickets for the standing floor but I have since broken my leg. Can I still come to the concert?

For your safety, and for those around you, we do not allow people using crutches and/or walking aids onto a standing floor. Even though your friends around you could help to look after you, crowd movement on the floor is unpredictable. We will always endeavor to find you an accessible position within the Arena so that you can still come to the concert. 

Will I be charged a booking fee?

All ticket sales through Ticketmaster are subject to a service charge and a possible handling charge; these amounts are set in relation to the ticket price. Ticket sales via the first direct arena Ticket Office are also subject to a service charge.

Why can I not take my own food into first direct arena?

In accordance with common practice it is our policy not to allow guests to bring their own food and beverage into the building. The arena endeavors to raise awareness to customers of this policy via out website and on tickets. Glass and Can containers are not permitted within our venue.

What should I do if I have a problem on the night?

We recommend if anyone experiences any seating problems they are raised to a member of our guest services team immediately to enable us to rectify them during their visit, the information desk is located in the main atrium by the main doors, and our stewards are clearly identifiable in yellow or purple uniforms.

How does the block and seat numbering work?

For an all seated show at the first direct arena, floor blocks will be lettered, i.e Block A, Block B will indicate you are sat in the floor seating section. In a full seated show, the retractable tiered seating and fixed seating will also be in use. Facing the stage, the first level of tiered seating is numbered from left to right block 101 -109. Seats are numbered in descending order from left to right also, i.e 1-18. The level 2 seats are numbered blocks 210-220, and level 4 seats are numbered blocks 321-333

Why can't I leave first direct arena and come back in as I can at my local pub?

There are a number of reasons why first direct arena does not allow people to leave the venue and come back in.

The first is a licensing issue. At your local pub, if you go outside, you run the risk that the pub fills up to capacity and you will not be allowed back in. The Arena holds around 13,000 on a normal concert and it is less easy to see when the building has reached its capacity. We use the tickets to keep an accurate count of the number of people in the building.

We are a licensed premise which means that we have a duty to control the consumption of alcohol in the building.

We, like many other venues, have on-going issues with secondary ticketing. People buying tickets from touts or unofficial ticket and auction website's could have bought duplicate or reprinted tickets which look right but may no longer be valid. As a counter measure we limit the opportunity for people to pass tickets to each other by not allowing them to go out and re-enter the building.

On busy concert nights, allowing people to pop out, say for a cigarette or to return to their vehicle can causes congestion with the people trying to come in for the first time. Keeping the flow of people in one direction at any time is the safest way to work.

We do not have a safe space outside our venue for people to congregate which will not block entrances or cause fire hazards or traffic problems. We aim to get people away from doors as quickly as possible both at the beginning and end of the concert for your safety.

Letting people out of the building, even with their ticket, is a potential cause of conflict on the doors. If anything happens which means that you cannot get back in - you lose your ticket or have it stolen or the machine can't read it the second time.

We know the majority of our customers are honest concert goers, but for that minority who will try to get in without paying or break the rules of our licence, we have to create one rule which applies to everyone.

What can I buy when I'm at first direct arena?

first direct arena has a large and varied number of refreshment stands offering a variety of hot and cold food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages. Official merchandise is also usually available inside the venue. Patrons are advised not to buy merchandise from vendors outside first direct arena as these are not licensed suppliers and the quality of products cannot be guaranteed.

Please be drink aware and make sure you have a great night out.

For help and advice on how to keep a good time good please visit drink aware.


Will there be any pyros-lasers-strobes at the event I'm attending?

Most shows have some form of flashing lighting or strobes. Signage is displayed around the concourse to advise people if pyros - lasers or strobes will be in use.

Where can I get a taxi?

Official Taxi Ranks are located at: Elmwood Court road adjacent to the first direct arena

Woodhouse Lane, near Oceana

Wade Lane, Fairfax House

Headrow -The Light/Headrow, Dortmund Square/Headrow, Primark

Also - Leeds Rail station, New Briggate, Cookridge Street, Vicar Lane, Corn Exchange, Leeds Bus Station, Swinegate

I'm bringing a school party to an event at the Arena and need to carry out a risk assessment in advance. Can we visit the venue before our visit to do this please?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, it is not possible for us to accommodate individual site visits.

How big is the arena?

Leeds first direct arena facts

  • Up to 13,781 capacity
  • 5.1 acre site

The first direct arena has the United Kingdom’s first purpose built fan-shape arena design with a contemporary and innovative layout where all seats face the performance area. Whereas traditional arenas have four sides of seating around a ice hockey rink, the first direct arena has one large super-theatre seating bowl that fans out from the stage.

This design offers:

  • every visitor faces the stage regardless of the seat location
  • a maximum distance from centre stage of 68 meters as opposed to 95-130 meters at traditional Arena’s
  • the best acoustic experience of any large arena venue in the country

What is the seating layout?

The floor area / lower level is very flexible and changes depending on the visiting artist/productions requirement.

We host fully seated events up to 12,500 capacity, seating/standing up to 13,781 capacity, along with ice shows such as Disney on Ice where the floor area holds the show ice rink and WWE Wrestling and boxing with a ring in the centre of the floor area. There upper levels have fixed tiered seating.

Where are the bars and toilet?

We have 3 public concourses with merchandise, refreshments, bars, food and toilets available on all.

Level 1 for floor standing or blocks A upwards & Blocks 101 – 109 rows A – P

Level 2 for Blocks 101 – 109 Q – Z & Blocks 210 – 220

Level 4 for Blocks 321 – 333

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Yes, designated facilities are available on all levels of seating.

Can I upgrade my tickets or do you have special packages available?

Laurent Perrier Experience packages are available for a variety of shows at the first direct arena. Please visit the hospitality page for more information.

Are there smoking areas at the first direct arena?

Smoking areas are located on Level 2 of the Arena, at either ends of the concourses away from the main stairs.

Unfortunately for Health and Safety reasons, there will not be an opportunity for the general public to leave and re-enter the venue. A strict policy of no re-admission to the venue will be enforced.

Electronic cigarettes are not permitted for use inside, due to the sophistication of these devices, it is increasingly difficult to identify guests in the auditorium smoking compared to those smoking electronic cigarettes. To assist with this, guests who wish to use these devices are requested to use the external smoking areas.

Do you have a cloakroom?

Unfortunately due to building regulations inside the venue, we do not have an area for guests to leave coats, bags and other items.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

We are currently in the proccess of bringing Wi-Fi to the first direct arena

Want to leave feedback?

If you would like to leave feedback please write to first direct arena, Arena Way, Clay Pit Lane, Leeds, LS2 8BY, or alternatively email [email protected]

We reply to all emails and letters and welcome your feedback

I've purchased tickets for an event I can no longer attend  

Can't go anymore? We've made it easy to sell tickets you can no longer use on our ticket exchange, meaning another fan can go instead. Less missing out, more going out.? Find out more here 

What are you doing to reduce plastic waste?

ASM Global are committed to the reduction of plastic waste to the lowest practicable levels and to the promotion of recycling within its venues. Working in collaboration with industry partners and vendors, we are in the process of devising a comprehensive solution-finding programme to reduce the usage of single use plastics within our organisation.

This ongoing programme involves: 

The identification of single-use plastic usage
Reduce, reuse, recycle approach to existing single-use plastics
Substitution of single-use plastics wherever possible, such as;

Introduction of paper straws and wooden cutlery

Education of staff, suppliers , vendors and customers to assist with the programme

This is an on-going endeavour that reflects our commitment to finding workable environmental management solutions across our venues.

Steps pre-sale information 

We will be running a venue pre-sale for Steps on Thursday 17th September at 10 am. In order to receive the pre-sale email make sure you are signed up to our newsletter by midnight Sunday 13th. You can sign up here 

If you would like to upgrade an accessible booking to one of the VIP packages offered by steps, we recommend doing the following -

Buy accessible seating, if required, from the venue website. 
?Event Travel provide an Upgrade package – please email [email protected] / [email protected] once you have purchased accessible seating.
T?he companion ticket cannot come in to the experience (unless they also purchase a package Upgrade)

 We hope you enjoy your visit to first direct arena.