Free period products are now being made available at first direct arena thanks to a new partnership with Hey Girls. 

first direct arena, in partnership with Hey Girls, takes a significant step towards fostering a more inclusive and supportive workplace by providing free period products for its staff, contractors and guests.

Hey Girls is a pioneering social enterprise that has taken the lead in combating period poverty in the UK. This female-led company stands out as the only one of its kind, making a remarkable commitment to match product sales precisely as donations. For every period product first direct arena purchase from Hey Girls, they donate one to their community partners, which include schools, community centres, and food banks. Their unwavering dedication has resulted in an incredible donation of 30 million products to those in need, making them the Social Enterprise of the Year and a recipient of recognition at COP26.

"We are thrilled to partner with Hey Girls, an amazing company that not only supports the most vulnerable in society but also actively works towards making period products accessible to individuals of all genders through their community partners. Their innovative #Pads4Dads campaign is breaking down taboos surrounding periods and contributing to a more inclusive society. Partnering with Hey Girls means joining forces with a socially responsible and impactful organisation that is making a tangible difference in people's lives."

This initiative is part of ASM Global's ACTS program, which reaffirms its commitment to creating a more diverse workforce, serving the communities in which they operate, and contributing to a healthier environment and planet. By empowering its employees and visitors with free period products, first direct arena furthers their commitment to this program.

Together, first direct arena and Hey Girls are breaking barriers, championing social responsibility, and making strides towards a more equitable and empowered society.

More information on Hey Girls: https://www.heygirls.co.uk