The UK Terrorism Threat is currently substantial this means we all need to be vigilant.  At the first direct arena we do lots to keep you safe with some security measures that you can see and some that you can’t. We have detection dogs at our sites, if you see them say hello but remember they are working dogs.

We also use airport-style scanners as well as other detection devices and guests will be searched before entering the venue.  Please do not take offence, this is just another way of keeping you safe.  We ask that you support and cooperate with our team whilst they carry out these measures as effieciently as possible to ensure we get you in to the building in time for your show. 

We ask that you keep personal belongings to a minimum and only bring your essentials. Please do not bring any backpacks or large bags, as these will not be allowed into the arena. 

You are permitted to bring small bags or handbags no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm.

There will be no temporary storage facilities for such items within the venue and it will be left to the patron to find a safe temporary facility to hold the item. The venue will not be responsible for late admission or non-admission as a result of this policy.


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